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Universal device socket ratchet wrench is all you will ever need in most situations.

Only one tool fits nuts, bolts, hooks and more in nearly all shapes and sizes – fantastic for damaged, rusted and broken fasteners.




Universal Device Socket Ratchet Wrench

Perfect tool for every home, garage, car, motorcycle, boat, camping and elsewhere.

Watch the video presentation to see its possibilities!

  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN AND SPECIAL MATERIAL — made of durable chrome vanadium steel construction, internally by 54 high-carbon steel hardness pole constituted. Universal device socket rachet wrench can be turned about 30,000 times.
  • SELF-ADJUSTABLE — Can adjust to fit thousands of fasteners, make it easy to remove and replace irregular fasteners.
  • WIDE APPLICATION — Fits standard 1/4 to 3/4-inch (7-19mm) nuts,bolt heads,screws,hooks,lag screws and bolt heads etc. no matter what shapes. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT — Very light than normal socket wrench, easy to carry by anyone.
    Universal device socket ratchet wrench can replace a whole set of tools – and more! It’s patented design enables you to work in situations that ordinary tools couldn’t help.
    Each socket contains 54 spring-biased pins made of high quality chrome vanadium hardened steel. When the socket is placed onto a fastener the center pins retract and the outer pins surround the fastener. As the fastener is turned the torque is transmitted through the outer pins to the walls of the socket.
    This innovative design enables you to work with different sizes of fasteners, whether metric or imperial. It also ensures to work with different shapes – hexagonal and square fasteners, hooks, and even rusted and damaged nuts and bolts.
    • Universal device socket ratchet wrench will work with almost any shape different from a complete circle.
    • Universal device socket ratchet wrench can be used with power tools.
    • Do not use universal device socket ratchet wrench with pneumatic and hammer tools.
    • Universal device socket ratchet wrench is made in USA, and has the following patents:
      US 6.085.619, US 5.791.209, US 5.622.090, UzS D-385,762, Australia 702369, China 60744, EPO 0769354, Taiwan 082753
  • Please allow 2-6 weeks for the item to arrive.


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