• The Solar Powered Car Auto Air Vent Cooling Fan is a solar powered ventilation system which blows hot air out of your parked car. 
  • Maintains comfortable temperature level ensuring that when you return you are not left with a hot, stifling interior.
  • Fresh air is drawn in as hot, stale air vents out which means the air is circulated leaving your interior fresh and allowing you to breath easy. 

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An efficient, solar powered air ventilation fan that maintains the air in the interior of your parked car fresh, cool and unstifled. Returning to your car once it has been parked in the sun is now a whole lot simpler by knowing your interior will be cooler and ventilated than it would without the ventilation fan. Using natural resources, the Auto Air Cooler Fan will turn the energy from natural sunlight into the power that the fan utilizes to keep you and the interior of your car cool, even while you are not in it.


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