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Powerful Powstro 18X Optical Zoom
  • Flexible and Powerful 18X zoom
  • Made of high quality materials, durable and high class.
  • Fits all kinds of smartphones with camera, suitable for iPhones, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc.
  • Applicable to watch live games, concerts, tourist spots, animal watching, news reporting, and a thousand more uses.
  • Private detective taking forensics pictures, geological exploration, forestry management, and many more…



Powerful Powstro 18X Optical Zoom
Package includes a tripod and a phone clip, easy to assemble and use.If you get an unclear picture when using this telescope, please adjust the focus slowly until you get a clear picture.
      1. Please use the device with care. Avoid dropping the lens as it may be damaged afterwards.
      2.The lens is not waterproof. Take precaution on using with water.
      3. Please don’t look straight to the sun, your eyes may get damaged.

4 reviews for Powerful POWSTRO 18X Optical Zoom

  1. Carlwayne

    Very nice phone accessory! I am now an official photographer because of this gadget. Thanks seller!

  2. Jean Manzanarez

    Just purchased, made my smartphone’s camera 20X more powerful. Loved it!

  3. Sonia

    Enjoyed taking pictures with this. Very fast shipping! I love you seller!

  4. Martin

    This helps me a lot in my job as a reporter. Recommended to all my friends!

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